Western Front


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Minute-by-Minute Campaign

It takes $5 to preserve one minute of tape.

Make a donation to help preserve Western Front history! 

The Western Front Media Archive contains over 1700 audio and videotapes documenting performances, concerts and productions since 1973. But obsolete formats and deteriorating tape stocks are putting our history at risk. 

Preservation, digitization and storage, managed by an expert archivist, costs money. And we're asking for your help. 

As materials are digitized, new videos become available online. Selected works are embedded onto our website and become freely accessible, an initiative that allows a broad audience access, for the first time, to Western Front's rich collection.

Your donation will directly help restore, preserve, digitize, and make this invaluable collection accessible to all.

Image: Jane Ellison, 'movementarts' performance, 1977, Western Front.