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Kick in KMS - UK Tour


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Campaign Ends June 11, 2019
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In June of 2019, Weston Silver Band (WSB) will be travelling to England to participate in the Whit Friday Brass Band Contest - often described as "the greatest free show on earth" in Saddleworth, UK. Along with competing at Whit Friday and in the Hebden Bridge March & Hymn Tune Contest (June 16), the WSB will be performing a number of concerts highlighting Canadian music and composers for audiences in the Yorkshire area of England.

This is the first time in the WSB's 98 year history that the band has travelled to England. It's is our biggest undertaking EVER! Our members are covering their own travel costs and we hope to raise the additional operational costs for the trip - with a little help from friends like you.

Kick in KMS for our trip! $5/km (round trip is 10982 kms) - every little bit helps!