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Milton District High School students raise money for Allendale long-term care residents


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JOIN Milton District High School students from the Social Justice Specialist High Skills and Healthcare Specialist High Skills major programs as they raise money for the residents at Allendale long-term care facility in Milton.

About the Programs

The SHSM Health Care program offers students the opportunity to explore the world of healthcare and medical technologies while in high school.  Through in-class learning and health focused knowledge, students develop skills that will serve as a building block to future careers in the medical field. 

Every year, the SHSM Healthcare program partners with Allendale long-term care.  Students spend time assisting healthcare workers in providing care to the residents.  This is an opportunity for students to experience real-world patient care and develop awareness of the specific needs of the senior population living in long-term care facilities.

The Social Justice Specialist High Skills Major Program are students from Milton District High School.  The program builds real-world experience in community settings by working with diverse groups.   The students develop skills and knowledge associated with the social justice sector. 

The program also focuses on raising awareness of important issues, doing as much as we can to fight for social justice issues, and most importantly giving back to our community. The program has been involved in several initiatives to highlight the importance of raising social awareness. 

As our senior members graduate this year, the program is hosting one final event for the current school year. 

The Goal

COVID-19 has changed our way of living because of the preventive safety methods that have been implemented in all aspects of society . The Social Justice and Healthcare SHSM students, want your help to provide relief and access to technology that allows for connections to one of the most vulnerable groups in our communities. 

The Willow Foundation is a registered charity that supports Halton Region's three long term care facilities, including Post Inn Village, Oakville; Creek Way, Burlington; Allendale, Milton and the three Adult Day Programs in Milton and Georgetown.  Our mission is simple, enrich their lives, anyway we can.

Allendale currently has immediate need for technology to help residents connect to the outside world.  This includes connecting with family and friends, offering virtual medical appointments, and engaging in therapeutic activities. The students are focusing on acquiring two Apple TV devices and one iPad as their top priority.

Help US Help our SENIORS!

Thank you.