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The Windsor Residence for Young Men - Coronavirus Response Program

Windsor Residence for Young Men has resolved to protect vulnerable homeless youth and the community at large from the transmission of coronavirus despite not having adequate funding, nor fundraising opportunities, to do so.

No one can “shelter in place” if they have no place to shelter in ! The Windsor Residence for Young Men must implement special measures to shelter and protect vulnerable youth during this pandemic emergency. We cannot discharge youth to the streets for lack of funds. “Sheltering in place”, “social distancing” and meeting even their most basic human needs are only possible if these homeless youth have a supervised shelter – and overtime staffing and special supplies mean added costs.

We are "sheltering in place" at WRYM, having curtailed our off-site activities. Our core in-house programs are still operational and we are still accepting applications for admission. What this also means is that we are not going to close down WRYM when the first case is diagnosed, which will occur, and we are in effect quarantined. We have a plan in place and staff willing to ride it out with our residents - because, our residents cannot be left unsupervised. The Executive Director and 3 paid staff members have volunteered to live in with the guys 24/7. Even if we each only do 6 hours a day, when we plan 8 hour shifts with a spare at the ready, there will be a very significant increase in our wage expense as overtime, even double time, clicks in under the Employment Standards Act. Federal remissions reductions while welcome, only affect a very small part of our wage expense which is averaging $26,659 per month at present. Minimally, the Executive Director anticipates an increase of approximately $10,000 per month.

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