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The Women's Centre Grey Bruce


Business Number: 119302594RR0001


Campaign Ended Sept. 1, 2019

Help us renovate & rejuvenate the rooms in the shelter!

Your donation towards adopting-a-room at our shelter will help a woman, her children and in some cases, her pet, flee from domestic abuse. Your gift will assure that they receive the full assistance of our professionally trained shelter staff and programs including:

- a newly renovated, safer, nurturing space

- meals, bedding, welcome kit, and other essential items

- one-on-one safety and life planning sessions

- skill building groups

Rooms Available for Adoption:

Front Reception: $1,000

This the room women and children enter when first coming to the shelter. We would like to make it as warm and welcoming as possible, providing a safe environment for those in a difficult time.

Pet Welcoming Room: $1,500

If a woman chooses to bring a pet with her to the shelter, this will be a place for animals to stay while their owners get settled. A sudden change can be scary for pets, too, and we would like to make this space a tranquil environment for furry friends.

Counseling Rooms: $2,000

Each woman has access to vital counselling services while staying at the shelter. These rooms should feel comfortable and safe, a place to go to seek guidance and comfort.

Living Room: $3,000

The living room is a major common space for all of our residents. It is a gathering place where women can be social and feel at home.

Community Room: $5,000

The Community Room will be multi-purpose - a place to relax, work, play, and collaborate.

Kitchen: $5,000

The kitchen is used by everyone in the shelter. It is in much need of an upgrade, as it is heavily used on a daily basis. We offer cooking classes on a weekly basis to our residents, and often have women cooking together.

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