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Help Theatre Alberta Send 45 Students to Artstrek This Summer

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We did it! At the end of our 2017 campaign we exceeded our goal and raised $10,220! Thank you to everyone who supported Artstrek this summer and helped to make a memorable experience for Albertan teens who needed our help!

Theatre Alberta is about bring the lights up on the 57th year of Artstrek, our annual summer theatre school for teens. This summer we are excited to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary, as well as the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, by introducing Alberta’s aspiring thespians to Vern Thiessen’s Vimy. Thiessen has also written an addendum to Vimy, titled Bluebirds, written for Artstrek students to explore this summer - this mini play features the stories of three young women, Canadian nurses nicknamed “Bluebirds," serving in France in WWI. Like Vimy, it is poetic, compassionate, brave, and heart-wrenching.  

“Artstrek is the best investment I’ve ever made in my child.” – Artstrek Parent

Artstrek has had an indelible impact on Alberta’s theatre community since the 1960s, providing teens the opportunity to gather together with professional theatre artists and educators to hone their theatre, creativity, and communication skills. Humbly, we believe Artstrek is the country’s best process-focused intensive theatre training program for young people, and it was built by Albertans, and for Albertans.

  • This year 45 students from across Alberta have applied for (and will receive) financial assistance. That’s 20% students who otherwise couldn't attend Artstrek.
  • They need our help to travel to Red Deer for a week at Artstrek from their hometowns of Beaumont, Bonnyville, Calgary, Cochrane, Devon, Drayton Valley, Edmonton, Edson, Grande Prairie, Grimshaw, Jasper, Lacombe, Lamont, Lethbridge, Okotoks, Red Deer, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Stoney Plain, Tofield, and Vegreville
  • This is 50% more applicants to our scholarship fund than just three years ago.

For Artstrek 2017 we have awarded $15,000 in Theatre Alberta scholarships to offset Artstrek tuition fees for students who cannot afford the full cost. While the program continues to be generously supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and we continue to work closely with our host, Red Deer College, we are looking to our community—our members, our friends, our Artstrek alumni and their families—to participate in a grassroots campaign to raise the scholarship funds we have allocated this year.

“Artstrek doesn't just help create a generation of great actors, it creates a generation of great people.” –Artstrek Student

Earlier this year, we received a $5,000 donation from The Edmonton Community Foundation to kick off our 2017 Artstrek scholarship campaign! We are seeking your help to raise the remaining $10,000 needed to fund this year's 45 scholarship recipients. A big THANK YOU to The Edmonton Community Foundation and to all of you who helped us raise $9,806 last year to help support Artstrek scholarships in 2016.

“Our instructors provide us with different ways to express and engage our minds, bodies, and hearts to allow us to convey our own personal message through artistic endeavors.” –Artstrek Student

Many teenagers who come to Artstrek each summer experience hardships that are not only straining on a family financially, but also emotionally. From their scholarship applications we get a glimpse into the lives of these young artists who will grow up to change the world.

Don’t feel like you have enough money to donate yourself? Join one of the pre-existing teams like, Artstrek Alumni, Friends and Family of Artstrek Students, and Community Supporters by clicking 'Find a Team or Person' just near the top of this text.

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"Nevermind the weather, now we're altogether" - Vimy

The families of our Artstrek students need our help to provide meaningful and transformative theatre education to their young people. We are grateful to have so many ambassadors and champions of Artstrek across the province and country, and hopeful that, be it personally or through new connections, you can help us sustain and grow this important program. We know that there are many worthy appeals for your charitable dollars, and we thank you for considering Theatre Alberta and Artstrek.

A Big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far:

The Edmonton Community Foundation - $5,000

The Leading Stars Arts and Education Foundation - $1,000 

Louise Mallory - "I've heard from so many people that Artstrek changed their lives - I want more kids to have that opportunity."

Sarah Feutl - $250

Ellen Close and Col Cseke - $50

Deb Bird - $50 - "Have fun! This is such a worthwhile program."

Margie and Tom Davidson - $25

Stacey Taylor

Jill Atkins

Derrique DeGagne - $50 - "Let's do this!"

Kelsey Jacobson - $40

Windmill Theatre Players - "Windmill Theatre Players is happy to support Artstrek! The many students that have benefitted from this program all come home with a new enthusiasm for theatre. Have another great year!"

Lynda Adams - $100 - "Please join me in donating to this incredibly worthwhile opportunity for teens. In a time when personal and wordy turmoil can ensue the Artstrek program leaves a most positive lifetime impact on each and every young person who attends." - Lynda Adams, former Artstrek curriculum director

Jane Skocdopole

Kimmy Beach

Frazer and Cheryl Andrews - $300

Heartland Arts Troupe Society - $1,000

Alex and Joan Hawkins

Kalyn Kachuk

Jake Tkaczyk - $100

Margaret McCaw

Julie Sinclair - $250 - "An Artstrek experience is invaluable for the participants (and, frankly, EVERYONE else involved with this life changing program!) -- let's make sure as many students as possible can attend this fabulous program."

Mandelle Waddell - $25 - "Artstrek is one of my favourite places!! So important to so many lives. Hope my girls want to experience it someday."

Joshua Wingrove - $50

Leilani Reum - $25

Kevin Rothery - "Have a great summer everyone! So happy to support such an amazing program!"

Peter Evans - $25 - "artsies FTW"

Keri and Adam Mitchell

Kevin Mott - $75

Adam Burgess - $50

Phil Ivers - $250

April Killins - $25 - "Where would I be without the lessons I learned in class... and in the super room?? Love to the supers and thanks for putting this together!"

Hanna Fridhed - "Have the time of your lives!"

Kenneth Agrell-Smith - $100

Daniel Hall - "I have seen the magic of Artstrek from all sides. I have watched young people blossom with the unification of theatre and the guidance of great mentors. So wonderful that a program exists where young people can be celebrated for just being themselves."

Erinn Webb - "Artstrek was the beginning of what is now a lifelong journey for me as an artist, a drama therapist, and as a person. I am, as always, eternally grateful for this space being made available for young people like myself, both as emerging artists and as mentors. It is a uniquely Albertan offering, and one that is rare in its exceptional teaching and learning. I hope that we continue to stretch the capacity, and make space for people who wouldn't otherwise have access to such an amazing opportunity." 

Sheila Kelly - $100

Byron Martin (Grindstone Theatre) - $50

Trae Johnson - $250 - "Artstrek is, without a single shred of doubt, my favourite place to be. The passion it gives for the Arts is incredible and the support and acceptance for others is unmatched. I hope to see this program continue to thrive and I am deeply thankful for being a part of it."

Gareth Simpson

Simon Mallett - $125

Liz Cook - To my peers I'd say, "Remember how you felt at the end of your first 'Trek? Do what you can to give those moments to other kids who needed it as much as you did." And to current students, "No matter where life leads you, you'll take the lessons you learn here with you. Drink in every single moment and give yourself over to every new experience, no matter how far outside yourself it takes you, because you'll learn things about yourself from those experiences that will change you for the better."

Luc Tellier - $50 - "Happy and proud to support this super place. Keep the magic going!"

Kristen Finlay - $250

John Rawson

Valmai Goggin

Janel Snider - $100 - "The best people are Artstrek people. Let's make more good people!"

Vern Slipetz - $100

Julia Wasilewski

Alana Hawley Purvis - $100 - "Hooray! Yay Artstrek!"

Nathan Schmidt

Stephen Heatley - $100 - "ArtsTrek is amazing!"

Roya Yazdanmehr - $25 - "Thank you so much to the incredible Artstrek team of instructors, supers, administrators, and students for your dedication to the craft of theatre and most importantly, your dedication to using the arts as a means of connecting us to our shared humanity."

Blake Robert - $50 - "The skills you'll learn as an Artstrek student will be invaluable no matter what career path you choose after high school. More importantly, the memories you'll make and the friendships you'll forge will last a lifetime!"

Jenna Rodgers

Gregory Johnson - $40

Lloyd and Francine Mason

Joshua Dalledonne - "It's a pleasure to be able to support Theatre Alberta and Artstrek. It's programs like this that provide our provide with the talent and appreciation needed for a vibrant arts and culture scene."

Heidi and Martin Holysh - $50 - "We are more than happy to help young people find ways of positive self-expression!"

Marie Gynane-Willis - "Supporting Artstrek with a donation is one of the most significant donations I can make. It is an investment in the future."