Business Number: 860189299RR0001

The Rusticle Gym

The Rusticle Gyms are circuit training for the body and imagination. We provide the come and play!!! Allow yourself to be challenged and exercise your sleepy creative muscles. The Gyms can be two day intensives (6 hours of studio time per day) or sometimes longer, weekly sessions.

The sessions are designed to crack open the body and your inner life and help you find ways to bring the inner out. It’s a down and dirty weekend of balance, release, firing muscles, focus and imaginative play. Each day, participants will engage in sessions that isolate and deconstruct the practices we use in our shows

 This Gym is performer-based and suitable for actors, dancers and directors/choreographers wishing to get a taste of a new approach to performance or creation. The gyms are physical, imaginative and always for you!!

Supporting the Rutsicle Gym allows us to rent studio space, pay instructors, but more importantly to allow participants for who there are financial barriers, access to the training. A donation of $20 can offer a student an hour's worth of participation time. 


“Thank you (and Hume, and Edie) for an absolutely amazing two days. I left feeling refreshed and inspired to keep working”. Simon Mizera, Spring 2015 Participant. 

“The last two days have been incredible. Thank you for challenging and inspiring us”~ Erin Eldershaw Spring Participant 2014

 “thx for this intensive, lots of ideas percolating. exhausted and yet feeling hungry for more! thank you!”! ~ Suzanne Liska Spring Participant 2014