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Inspire hope, spark creativity, and support our community through virtual programming!

Campaign Ends May 30, 2020

Jade was having a rough morning. She was struggling to get through her schoolwork, and seemed unusually upset. Her little, nine-year-old brain was worried about all of the scary things going on around her, and more than anything, she just wanted to hug her friends and her grandparents, who all seemed so far away.  

Jade’s mom suggested that they watch THEMUSEUM’s virtual magic show that morning. She set Jade up in front of her laptop, and watched as the anxiety and worry on Jade’s face slowly melted away. Jade stared in wonder at the tricks shown on the screen before her. She was able to chat with other kids watching the show, and even learned a trick of her very own – which she eagerly performed for days afterward!  

For Jade, THEMUSEUM’s virtual programming offered some hope, laughter, and excitement after weeks of isolation. Though Jade can’t visit THEMUSEUM right now, THEMUSEUM's virtual programming has become something Jade really looks forward to every week. 

In the past few weeks, our virtual programming has impacted Jade, and countless others in our community who are struggling, in such a positive way and this would not have been possible without the help of supporters like you.

Through our THEMUSEUMatHome programming, we continue to offer impactful opportunities for our community to participate in activities that awe, inspire and enlighten, during this time of extreme stress and anxiety. Through virtual magic shows, cooking lessons, paint nights, and more, we are delivering exciting programs that help to inspire, spark joy, and offer a safe way to connect us with others.  

Today, we need your help to ensure that we can keep this important programming going to impact more people in our community, like Jade, who really need it.  

Your support will make it possible for us to continue to create meaningful, inspiring and enlightening experiences for our community at a time when it is needed most. With your help, we will ensure that members of our community, like Jade, can continue to benefit from uplifting and engaging arts and culture programming week after week. We can’t do this without you. 

Your gift today, of $25, $50, or whatever you can manage, will be put to work immediately to make an incredible difference for so many in our community, like Jade. It will help to inspire hope, spark creativity, and support our community in making it through a really challenging time. 

Arts and culture inspires us. They help us to create meaning, to understand things on a deeper level. They spark wonder, and ignite our imaginations. Especially during a time of prolonged isolation, at a time when our everyday lives have been turned upside down, participation in arts and culture is so important. 

We continue to work hard to ensure that we can offer our community hope, inspiration, and much-needed distraction from the stresses and difficulties going on around us, and it is your support that is leading the way to make all of this possible. 

Thank you so much for your support 

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