Sober September 2020

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Be a Sober Hero: Give Up Alcohol for 30 Days*

Legions of fantastic, incredible, and uncanny characters are about to descend for Sober September, many of them are people we know, who have been living a quiet civilian life... until now. 

An easy way to show your support to someone you know who is recovering or working through addiction is to join us in the Sober September challenge, where, for 30 days you give up alcohol* and join in arms with those who face the ups and downs of addiction.

*Don't drink? There are many other vices to give up like coffee, smoking, sugar, television, and more!

Join the Thorpe Recovery Centre's Sober Heroes

Sign Up. Commit to Sober September and pledge yourself, a team, or your business. 

Raise Funds. Gather support from your friends, family, and colleagues or make a donation yourself for the cause!

Tell Everyone. Share your journey and use the hashtag #TRCSoberHero, and help us change the story of addiction.

Be a Sober Hero!

About the Thorpe Recovery Centre:

Based in the Lloydminster AB/SK area, we have been providing addiction treatment services for over 45 years! We offer solutions for adults and families struggling with addiction with our medically supported detox, residential addiction treatment, continuing care, and short-term programs for family members affected by the disease. 

A cornerstone of our treatment model is the understanding that each client comes with an individual story and experience. During treatment we do everything to honour each client’s uniqueness through a custom-tailored combination of therapies designed to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth.

Together we improve lives through programming and support for those struggling with addiction and mental health needs.