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Sober September

Thorpe Recovery Centre

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Campaign Ends Oct. 1, 2019
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While many of us are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, we all have our vices. Whether it’s coffee, online shopping, fast food, binge watching Netflix, or eating too much sugar – we imagine there’s something we could all give up in our lives that would make us a bit healthier. We’re inviting you to do just that: give it up (at least for the month of September), and become a SoberHero.*

SoberHeroes* will unite this September to fight addiction. Will you join us?

*Cape and “whooshing” sound effects optional (but highly encouraged).
1. Challenge yourself, your friends and your co-workers to give up a vice for 30-days.
2. Make it fun! Here are a few great ideas we’ve seen done in the past:
- Have a leaderboard at work (employees can add stars to their name for each successful day of giving up their vice).
- Give a prize (maybe it’s a free vacation day, maybe it’s a staff BBQ at the end of the month, whatever you choose, make it right for you).
3. Raise funds! This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, and we’d love for you to participate. Here are a few great ideas we’ve seen done in the past:
- Employees can get friends or colleagues to sponsor them. Each day they complete successfully, a pre-designated amount is donated by their connections.
- Company matching (for all the funds raised by the employees, the company can match that amount). This is added motivation for many employees as well.
- Brag about it. Share it on your social media networks and encourage others to join you. Previous companies have also given a donation for the amount of times a post is liked or shared as well. #TRCSoberHero
- Company rivalries. We’ve seen companies go up against other companies to see who can do more, and raise more for SoberSeptember. A little friendly competition can really help staff come together too.