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Support for Mexico through VELA Ministries

Campaign Ended Nov. 5, 2018

Threefold Ministries is a proud supporter of, and works in partnership with, VELA Ministries located in Mexico City.  VELA's Vision is to see Latin America transformed by the power of the Gospel and living by the principles of the Word of God. 

The VELA team is active on the ground in Mexico working to provide immediate needs to the thousands devastated by recent events.


Mexico has been going through crisis after crisis since the month of August of this year. First hurricane Franklin caused torrential rains on August 10 which led to underground rivers to overflow which caused flooding in many areas. Then on September 7 the strongest earthquake registered in the past 100 years hit the southern part of Mexico at 8.2 on the Richter scale. This affected the States of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco affecting more than 279,575 people, 1,145 schools were damaged, and 120,000 homes were damaged. The next day hurricane Katia hit the coasts of the State of Veracruz with winds of up to 128km per hour, this caused damages in 122 municipalities, 53 of which were declared to be in a state of emergency, 70,000 people lost electricity, the Tecolutla river flooded, and 3 people were killed. On September 15 hurricane Max hit the coast of Acapulco affecting more than 3000 people and killing one person. A storm called Norma also hit the State of Baja California. Then on September 19 a 7.1 earthquake hit the state of Morelos affecting not only that State but also Puebla, Mexico City, and the States of Mexico and Guerrero. So far 305 people have died, in Mexico City alone 48 buildings collapsed, hundreds of homes are no longer safe to live in and at least 33,000 people have been affected. There are also many communities where damages have not yet been assessed. On September 23, another earthquake hit with the epicenter being in the State of Oaxaca registering at 6.4 on the Richter Scale.  


VELA will be opening a Relief Center with the purpose of providing help to families and churches that have been affected by these tragedies.


We are already working with a network of churches that we have in Mexico City, this network will be the channel through which we will be working in the communities and needed areas.

Immediate Need- Provide blankets, sleeping bags, basic unperishable food items and items for personal hygiene. Based on the recommendation from local government officials and rescue workers we will also provide “Life Packs” which will include flashlights, batteries, water, cookies, chocolate, energy bars, a first aid kit and a New Testament.  We will also provide materials needed for repairs and building of homes and churches (nails, cement, bricks, cables, etc.).

Through the process we will train local teams in the churches on how to assist in emergency situations, times of crisis and natural disasters.

Find out more about VELA Ministries through  Donations to this campaign will be forwarded to VELA Ministries.  Initial expenses are anticipated to exceed $200,000 USD.   Thank you!

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