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Role Model Moms

Campaign Ended Oct. 31, 2019

Did you know that Toronto is ranked amongst the least affordable cities to live in the world? 

Now imagine just how much more difficult it is for mothers to gain meaningful employment and provide for their families without a high school diploma. 

For many women, returning back to school isn’t an option. 

Their children are still too young to leave at home; day care costs are simply too expensive; or they might be recent refugees to Canada and don’t know how to navigate the education system.

Many moms anticipate feelings of shame, inadequacy, and fear at the thought of going back to the classroom. So they believe the lie that ‘School isn’t for me’ and ‘I'm too old to go back to school’. They surrender their hopes and dreams of a better life, leading to a cycle of poverty for both themselves and their children. 

Role Model Moms equips mothers 18 years and above with the skills, confidence, and academic knowledge required to successfully gain their high school diplomas. 

Mothers are immersed in a supportive community, coached by teachers who take time to assess their individual needs, and chart a plan towards their educational outcomes. 

In addition, the ministry provides on-site child care services for students, meaning that moms can focus on studying with the peace of mind and comfort in knowing their children are being provided for. 

We know that the more education a person has, the greater their potential for employment. So we’ve partnered with the University of Toronto’s name-of-program-here to challenge moms to think beyond high school and explore further college and university opportunities.

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