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Palliative Foster Program

The Toronto Humane Society's Palliative Foster Program cares for animals who are unable to find a forever home, usually due to medical issues.

This program allows animals to live in a loving home environment when they may otherwise be destined to life in a shelter - or unnecessary euthanasia.

All of the animals' food and medical care is paid for by the Toronto Humane Society. These animals continue to have regular check-ups with our vets to ensure they are both healthy and enjoying life! Our palliative foster parents are very special volunteers. It is very hard work, dispensing medications and taking the animals to their checkups, but our foster parents do all of this for their love of the animal they are caring for.

There are over 35 animals in our palliative foster program. Each one needs food and medical care to keep them comfortable and happy, all of which is paid for by the Toronto Humane Society’s gracious donors!

Could you sponsor an animal in a palliative foster home today?


Kaya is an 11 year old Husky. Due to her age and health issues, which include arthritis, elevated liver enzyme, chronic diarrhea, dental disease and Hepatic disease, we decided that she was not a candidate for adoption. Instead, Kaya lives with a very loving foster family, but remains under the care of the Toronto Humane Society. We pay for all her medication & our vets see her for regular check-ups. As you can see, Kaya loves adventures and doesn't let her health issues get her down!


Samara was transferred to us from another shelter in Quebec! She has been diagnosed with feline leukemia virus (otherwise known as FeLV). Feline leukemia virus is a transmittable RNA retrovirus that can severely inhibit a cat’s immune system. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed causes of disease and death in domestic cats.  Sadly, 80% of cats with FeLV die within three years of diagnosis.  She enjoys life in the comfort of her foster home, and we will continue to fund her care for as long as we need to.

We would be truly grateful if you could make a donation towards our palliative foster program today.

Thank you.