Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)


Business Number: 135016400RR0001

Our Mission

We believe in:

* Respecting and valuing the ways of all ages, backgrounds and experiences

* Respecting and valuing the thinking of all generations

* Eliminating artificial and systemic barriers created by age stereotyping and all other forms of discrimination

* Extending and sharing intergenerational support beyond family and acquaintances.

About Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)

Our objectives -

* We promote intergenerational harmony and lifelong learning

* We design and deliver intergenerational programs in partnership with the community

* We design and deliver programs which encourage participation of individuals of all ages, backgrounds and experiences.

* We strive to become a centre of best practices for intergenerational programming.

* We promote and incorporate in all our activities access and equity principles.

* We select diverse community agencies with whom we can form a specific, finite, renegotiable contract partnership. The goal of such partnerships is an intergenerational program under the auspices of the partner’s agency.

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