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Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank 30 Hour #Fast4Hunger (2019)

Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank

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Join the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank 30 Hour #Fast4Hunger today!

Help us feed those who are very much in need AND win tons of AMAZING prizes while you're at it (prizes listed below)!

On Wednesday, June 19, Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank (TVFB) volunteers and supporters like you will be fasting (not eating) for the whole day to raise money to keep Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank (TVFB) going strong. But the fundraising starts today!

Fasting in solidarity with those who go without food on a regular basis is a symbolic action.

Once you've pledged to fast, you then raise money by asking family, friends, co-workers, etc. to donate to your fundraising page, which you create here by clicking on the "Create a Team" or "Join as an Individual" buttons (above)! Send out an email, text people your fundraising page, even create a Facebook event for your fundraiser! Connect with people directly! And explain why you think it is important to help alleviate hunger - without exploiting our animal relatives!

TVFB is a volunteer-powered charity that runs on donations from people like you! The food bank is 100% vegan, all donations go directly toward purchasing groceries at wholesale prices and 60% of our budget goes toward fresh fruits and vegetables! And we have a matching donor who will match every dollar that we raise!!!

We currently serve a week's worth of healthful, eco-friendly, cruelty-free groceries to 300 people every month. From folks with diabetes, cancer, or heart-diseases whose doctors have told them they need to switch to a plant-based diet, to students barely scraping by, to those on social assistance, or refugees brand new to Canada & struggling to start their life here.

One in eight Canadians experiences marginal, moderate, or severe food insecurity. And the sad reality is that regular food banks don't have as many options for vegetarians and almost nothing that vegans can eat.

“We want the food bank system to reflect the city’s diverse diets and needs. Food banks are in place because people are down on their luck. We don’t want them to have to compromise their health, or their ethics, when they are already in such a vulnerable position.”– Matt Noble, Executive Director

This year we will be pledging to not eat anything after dinner the night of Tuesday, June 18th, then to wake up hungry and go the whole day, Wednesday 19th, without eating or drinking anything other than water until breakfast the morning of Thursday 20th. (If this date doesn't work for you then you can still raise money and fast on another day that works better for you).

Because of our generous matching donor, the amount that we raise will be doubled! And a tax receipt will be automatically sent to the inbox of anyone who donates to your fundraiser! (These are both important points to mention when setting up your fundraising page, and reaching out to people to sponsor your fast, as people are probably more likely to donate if they know that their donation is being matched and that they will be emailed a tax receipt for their donation).

Last year we raised $20,000 ($40,000 with the matching donor)! Help us do it again this year, so we can keep our vegan food bank going strong!

Create your own fundraising page by clicking on the "Join as an Individual" button above. It's a snap! And if you are looking for some inspiration, you can check out our participants' pages from last year by clicking here. (note: Our directors Matt, Kimberly and Amanda will be participating, but will not be eligible to win prizes).

Raising just $10 allows us to feed one person around a week's worth of fresh groceries! 

>> Invite your friends to our Facebook event by clicking here! << Help us raise awareness by sharing the #Fast4Hunger Facebook event. Tweet about it. And post on Instagram with the hashtag #Fast4Hunger and tag us @vegfoodbank!

But most importantly, create your own page today and fundraise to win some of these amazing local cruelty-free prizes (below)!

"I can’t express my gratitude for the services provided on the weekend from your food bank. Times are tough right now and I really appreciate more than I can express how much your food bank helped me. I have tried to go to food banks before, but they don’t cater to vegetarians. I have been vegetarian for 25 years, trying to go to vegan, so this definitely is helping me achieve my goals. Thank you.”

1st Prize

Changemaker Breakthrough coaching package with Kimberly Carroll ($150 value - @coachkimberlycarroll) | Doshi - Debut Casual Tote bag ($100 value - @doshishop) | $50 gift for The Right Side Boutique (@therightsideboutique) | Copy of Eamon and Bec's "Weekday Whip Ups" cookbook | Haircut at Queen's Shop Fine Hairdressing ($75) | 4 cheese spreads from Vegan Stokes Cheese (value $60 - @veganstokes) | $100 gift for Mythology (@mythologydiner) | $100 gift for The Imperative (@theveganimperative) | $100 gift for Fiesta Farms (@fiestafarmsto) | Copy of Lauren Toyota’s "Vegan Comfort Classics" cookbook (@laurentoyota) | $50 gift for Parka Food Co. (@parkafoodco) | Sudsatorium Hair and Body Care Bundle ($50 value - @sudsatorium) | $10 gift for Tori’s Bakeshop (@torisbakeshop)

2nd Prize

Nutrition Check In with Dr. Pamela Fergusson RD (@drpamela.rd) | $50 gift for The Right Side Boutique (@therightsideboutique) | Copy of Lauren Toyota’s Vegan Comfort Classics cookbook (@laurentoyota) | Copy of Eamon and Bec's "Weekday Whip Ups" cookbook | $100 gift for Vegandale Brewery (@vegandalebrewery) | Free haircut at Queen’s Shop Fine Hairdressing (@queensshophair) | $100 gift for Fiesta Farms (@fiestafarmsto) | $50 gift for Kupfert & Kim (@kupfertkim) | $50 gift for Live Organic Food Bar (@liveorganicfood) | $50 gift for Sorelle and Co. (@sorelleandco) | 4 cheese spreads from Vegan Stokes Cheese 

3rd Prize

Free session with registered dietitian Lauren McNeill ($125 value - @tastingtothrive_rd)) | Copy of Lauren Toyota’s Vegan Comfort Classics cookbook | $50 gift for The Right Side Boutique | $100 gift for Fiesta Farms (@fiestafarmsto) | $50 gift for Kupfert & Kim (@kupfertkim) | $25 for Cosmic Treats | Eamon and Bec's Weekday Whip Ups cookbook

4th Prize

Copy of Lauren Toyota’s Vegan Comfort Classics cookbook | $50 gift for The Right Side Boutique | $25 for Cosmic Treats | $25 gift for Sweet From The Earth (@sftebakery) | Eamon and Bec's Weekday Whip Ups cookbook

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