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Munsel-ling Laundry Project

The 500 children at Munsel-ling School in the remote Spiti Valley in northern India are receiving a good education, thanks to TRAS members’ support. But their cleanliness is another story. The children wash themselves and the clothes they are wearing by soaping themselves and standing in a murky grey water pond or in one of the irrigation channels leading from it to nearby farmers’ fields.  The results are poorly washed clothes, skin diseases and soapy water ruining the crops.

TRAS agreed to fund the building of a large water storage tank to collect clean water from a surface spring which is not used by the villagers, 2 outdoor laundry stations and a soak pit to strain the soap and grime out of the water before it reaches the farmers fields. Construction in the Spiti Valley is limited to the few summer months, so Munsel-ling School forged ahead, and by the end of August the children were washing their clothes in the almost-completed facilities. They are simple but effective, and large enough to cope with the school population of over 400 children.
Funds needed for 2018-19: $17,695, of which $11,800.80 has been raised.

  Results: cleaner clothes, healthier children, happier farmers!

Will YOU help make this happen?

$11,900 raised out of $17,695 goal

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