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CareforTomorrow - CT Scan

CareforTomorrow - CT Scan

Dr. Emma Robinson, QHC Chief of Diagnostic Imaging said “We believe that this new equipment will significantly reduce waiting times, travel distances, and greatly improve the diagnosis and treatment for our patients.”  Currently, more than scans are done annually at TMH, with hopes to grow that number in the future. “At a cost of $1,018,900 to replace the now 12-year old Scanner, and another $300,000 for minor renovations, the Foundation is hoping that more people like Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Rollins, who donated $100,000 to the campaign, will come forward and support the #CareforTomorrow Campaign.” 

The goal of the TMH Foundation is to significantly improve healthcare delivery to the families served at TMH through the acquisition of advanced equipment, which will also benefit physician recruitment and retention. The Trenton CT Scanner was originally installed almost 12-years ago. Since then, there have been significant advances in technology. The new CT Scanner will have better quality images, faster scan times, larger opening for both bariatric and claustrophic patients and 30-50% less exposure to radiation.

“Our community deserves the latest and greatest diagnostic equipment, without an investment in this type of equipment, our physicians cannot determine or establish treatment plans for their patients.” Said Phil Wild.

Anyone interested in making a donation to the #CareforTomorrow Campaign, or wanting more information can contact 392-2540 ext. 5401.