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Tumaini Children's Foundation (Tanzania)

Registered Name: Tumaini Children's Foundation

Business Number: 831502059RR0001


Campaign Ended March 31, 2019

"A book on a shelf or in a box is just paper but a book in the hands of a young person is a powerful tool. I am dedicated to making this happen in a community in Usa River, Tanzania. It has been years in the making and now the doors have opened for us to begin our project to organize a high school library in a community school to benefit all. Help us bring the joy of reading, inquisitiveness and knowledge to our students and their families. Reading is a fundamental skill that will assist this community to strive and thrive.Without the same technology as we have they cannot depend on computers for research and reading.

Our role is to give them the opportunity to read diverse books and open their hearts and minds to the power of words. I cannot imagine a world where I don't have the option to read, to open doors to so many worlds, so many perspectives, so much imagination."  Pam Burrows.

Mama Pam, a former Tumaini volunteer and an ongoing supporter happens to LOVE books!  Further, she LOVES helping children discover the joy of reading, improve their literacy and become lifelong readers.  A former teacher-librarian, there must be something in her blood for Pam has embraced this fundraising drive in order to bring a library to more than 500 students at Nshupu Secondary School in Usa River, Tanzania.

With less than 4% of Tanzanian students completing secondary school, we have committed to reach beyond our own Tumaini family and into our local government school.  A top priority for this school is a library and Mama Pam is keen to help!  All we can say is, "Asante Sana"!  Mama Dee (Cherie Szucs, Tumaini Founder)

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