Investing for the Future


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Campaign Ends June 29, 2020
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The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) in Ontario is entering Phase 2 of the largest fundraising campaign in its history to modernize Camp Veselka. The “Investing in the Future” Campaign aims to revitalize Veselka and ensure its viability for future generations.

Located in the municipality of Halton Hills, Veselka is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2019. It has long been a summer destination for Ukrainian Youth Association members and the large Ukrainian diaspora in Ontario. It may have been the place where you, your children, or grandchildren, learned about Ukraine’s rich cultural traditions, learned how to swim or build a fire, or where you made friends for life. It remains a special place where generations continue to share in their Ukrainian heritage, participate in sports activities and attend summer camp, or tabir.

The aging facilities on the property, however, are in need of renewal to ensure Camp Veselka remains a source of enjoyment for generations to come. To guarantee the future sustainability of the property, the Veselka Development Committee five year's ago announced a plan to raise $1.5 million over a ten-year period with the goal to sustain the property and turn it into an all-season, multi-use facility. The Committee envisions a property that can be rented for corporate events, retreats, meetings, winter, summer and sports camps, and various other events.

In consultation with the members of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Ontario, the Committee developed a three-phased Veselka Revitalization Plan aimed at modernizing key facilities. The priorities have been determined by the needs of the membership.

Phase 1 of the Plan we are proud to confirm has already been achieved with the construction of a new kitchen pavilion. With generous grants from the Estate of Michael Galandiuk and the Ontario Trillium Foundation and past fundraising from the “Loonie-a-Day” campaign, a new kitchen pavilion has recently been built.

Now we are entering Phase 2 of the Plan which will address the aging pool. Built in 1970, the pool remains one of the most popular features of the camp. However, the foundation of the pool is cracking and requires extensive investment. Revitalization plans include:

  • Tie together gaps in the re-bar of the current structure.
  • Hydro-fill any voids in the floor.
  • Excavate the entire exterior of the pool structure, place a liner on the exterior of the pool.
  • Backfill behind the walls with gravel and dirt.
  • Replace the pool deck.  
  • Refurbishing the pool house including washrooms, and upgrading pool equipment.
  • Beautification of the pool area is also planned.

The projected total budget of this project amounts to $600,000 and we are pleased to announce that 60% of the funding has already been secured leaving $250,0000 to fundraise for the completion of Phase 2. 

Phase 3 of the Plan includes the partial or complete rebuild of the barracks or palanky. The Camp includes ten barracks in total. The development vision includes building two new winterized barracks and renovating the remaining eight. With your investment, Veselka can be modernized for the benefit of future generations of members, and the greater Ukrainian community, for decades to come.