United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees Canada (UNHCR)


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Syria Emergency

The situation in northeastern Syria is escalating and thousands are caught in conflict. We are responding to a refugee crisis unlike anything we've seen before.

Now in its eighth anniversary of the civil war in Syria, there is no end in sight. Intense fighting has taken a high toll on civilians across the country. With no effective ceasefire in place, men women and children are trapped, traumatized, cold and hungry. Those who flee are telling harrowing stories of bombardment and shortages of food and medical care.

Recently, military operations in Northeastern Syria and conflict in the region has escalated dramatically. Civilian population is at severe risk of being caught in potential military action and we urgently need your help. 

UNHCR is closely monitoring the situation and working across conflict lines to provide life-saving support under dangerous circumstances. But limitations in funding is making our work even harder.

Refugee numbers now reach more than 5 million while over 6 million are displaced inside Syria. Help us rush emergency supplies including food, blankets, water and medical care to families today.

Every moment counts—please bring hope to Syrian refugees with a 100% tax-deductible donation to UNHCR.