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Unaccompanied Children in Ethiopia

Refugee children in Ethiopia need immediate protection. Wars and disasters are causing unimaginable suffering for children.

Ongoing conflict and escalating violence in South Sudan has meant that an overwhelming number of children have lost their parents to violence, or become separated from them on their journey to neighbouring countries to seek safety. 

Worldwide, more than 173,800 unaccompanied and separated children fled their homes and sought asylum in 2017—more than 43,000 of these children are in Ethiopia. Children who have lost their parents and have been forced to flee their homes are extremely vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, forced labour or child trafficking and military recruitment. UNHCR seeks to identify displaced children in need and provide them with the protection and support they desperately need.

Existing schools and child-friendly spaces in Ethiopian refugee camps currently don’t have the resources to accommodate these young refugees’ educational and psychosocial needs. 

All children deserve to be safe where they live, learn and play. Please consider a generous gift today to help protect and support children fleeing alone.

Your gift today will help give safety and protection to unaccompanied children who have lost everything. Please act now.