Unison Benevolent Fund

Registered Name: Unison Benevolent Fund

Business Number: 807414057RR0001

Unison's COVID-19 Relief Fund

Now more than ever, Unison’s emergency relief assistance is a critical safety-net for members of our industry deeply affected by the COVID-19 virus itself and the precautions and protocols surrounding it. Please help us as we prepare to support the most vulnerable during this time by making a donation to Unison.

Since the outbreak, Unison has received an overwhelming number of requests for assistance from the music community. Registrations have increased by 1,900% or nearly $200,000 per week.

Unison's COVID-19 relief services are for the Canadian music community navigating the uncertainty along with the limited financial resources available for music-makers and professionals. While the government has opened up their doors, the impact is a deep wound for many workers in an industry that will take a long time to properly function again. Music is a business of gathering and a business of people. Musicians are unable to tour, leaving numerous entertainment professionals suddenly out of work, venue owners have closed their doors, and laid off staff cause a trickle-down that is enormous.

Unison is there to support our Canadian workers though financial assistance and mental heath counselling during this time and beyond COVID-19.