United Nations Association in Canada


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UNA-Canada needs YOU now!

UNA-Canada started this year with optimism about this year’s 75th Anniversary of the United Nations. 

Since then, our world has been upended by a global health pandemic that has changed the way we live our lives – likely for years to come.  Some of these changes have been positive:  the environment is getting a much-needed break as people are driving and travelling less; we have seen outpourings of support for essential and front-line workers; and our communities are coming together in unique and creative ways of supporting each other while keeping our distance.

But the dire news greatly outweighs the good – at least in the short-run. The effects of COVID-19 on our economy and our social well-being have been devastating. Many senior citizens lost significant chunks of their retirement income when stock markets plunged.  Thousands of retailers and small businesses were closed and it is estimated that 1/3 may not survive. Farmers are struggling with planting and harvesting their crops without the foreign workers they rely on. More than one million Canadians lost jobs in March and nearly two million more in April. Canadian youth have been hardest hit by job losses and the economic impacts of these losses could follow them throughout their entire lifetimes.

As we adjust to this “new normal”, I urge you to join or renew your membership with UNA-Canada today with a gift of whatever you can afford to give.  There has never been a more critical time to be a part of UNA-Canada. With your membership, you are showing our funders, including the Government of Canada, that their on-going support of Canadian youth and civil society is important to continue, both during this crisis and beyond.

You can make your gift go even further by joining our Ambassadors’ Circle as a monthly donor.  By spreading your support throughout the year, especially in this time of COVID-19, you provide UNA-Canada with predictable and stable income that can be concentrated directly on our programmes. It will also allow you to more easily and conveniently budget your support. 

My belief is unwavering in our need to work together to address shared daunting challenges: COVID-19; climate change; conflict; poverty; inequality. Your support lifts me and my team at the end of these long days and weeks. 

UNA-Canada’s programmes celebrate diversity, empathy-based learning and solution-seeking opportunities on shared challenges. We have a country-wide network of volunteer-based Branches and 30,000 engaged members and supporters. Our innovative signature programming is dedicated to promoting constructive participation in the UN and elevating the principles of the UN Charter, signed by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King on 26 June 1945.

Join UNA-Canada and help us to get the job done!  We MUST make a commitment together to invest in making our communities, our country, and our world BETTER through the UN. I urge you to be part of our powerful global citizen’s movement of like-minded and committed Canadians working for a strong UN and a better world!