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Community: Mental Wellness

After supporting her daughter through a mental illness diagnosis, Gisèle realized she too needed support.

“As a health care professional, I knew I needed to ask for help. But when it comes to your own child, you feel completely powerless. I was shocked and in disbelief. I had no idea what to do.”

Many people face mental health issues personally or within their family during their prime working years – a significant period in our lives when we need to care for our mental wellness.

Did you know…? Each week, 500,000 Canadians do not go to work due to a mental health issue. On Vancouver Island, 1 in 4 people have mental health challenges like depression or anxiety disorders that compromise their lifestyles and their well-being.

Good mental health isn’t about feeling happy and confident 100% of time – it’s about living and coping well despite problems that may arise.

Investing in mental wellness programs for families and friends of people with mental illness ensures that they also receive support and a greater understanding of what their loved ones are experiencing. We all need a support system to lean on.

Donors like you are caring for the mental health of others like Gisèle and her daughter by helping to build resiliency and improve well-being.

Your gift is what powers United Way’s crucial work in our community. You can support programs that help people: • access affordable counselling • form reliable and stable social connections • make positive life choices to improve personal well-being • reduce their isolation and loneliness • care for their families and loved ones in need.

Show your local love and support mental wellness in our community. Donate today!