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Kids: Emotional & Physical Well-being

When Nuhaa was eight, she moved to Canada because her parents thought they could have a better life here.

“Coming to Canada was not good and not bad. I was excited about meeting other people, but I missed my family and I was scared of going to school because I was shy. I was afraid nobody would want to play with me or be my friend because I didn’t speak English.”

Nuhaa’s childhood years will have the strongest impact on her health and well-being for the rest of her life. For Nuhaa to be emotionally and physically healthy, she needs to have positive relationships with adults and self-esteem, coping and resiliency skills to be able to make healthy life choices.

Did you know…? Increasing numbers of kids – almost 20% in BC – are reporting that they do not have someone inside or outside of their family that they can talk to about a serious problem.

Unfortunately, too many kids don’t get the emotional or physical care and support they need to develop and transition into healthy adults – and the long term effects can be significant.

Investing in the emotional well-being of kids like Nuhaa means that they can avoid a potential future of poverty, homelessness, limited access to employment opportunities and social exclusion.

Donors like you are investing in the future potential of kids like Nuhaa by helping to build important protective factors early in life.

Your gift is what powers United Way’s crucial work in our community. You can support programs that help kids build: • strong and caring relationships with adults• shared experience with their peers • positive home and social environments • self-esteem & coping skills • resiliency to overcome bullying, discrimination, marginalization and/or stigma • skills to make healthy decisions and avoid high-risk behaviors.

Show your local love and help kids like Nuhaa thrive. Donate today!