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United Way Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry

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Campaign Ends Nov. 9, 2019
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Local HERO, Steve Mellios reached out to the United Way/Centraide of S.D.& G. with the purpose of running at 100km run. 

"100k has been ran before, this is nothing new.  However, for me someone that has never run a marathon, half marathon, or even 10k, I knew this would be the biggest mental and physical challenge that I have ever faced.  By completing this run, I will prove to myself that hard work, dedication, a positive mindset, and determination is the recipe for accomplishing any life task. "

"Hopefully, by the end of this run, I can inspire children and adults to chase their dreams and push towards becoming the person they want to be." 

"This run means everything to me as it will give me a chance to do my part in changing the world and helping people.  They say that a strong mind can help you make it through anything.  I want to find out if that's true."