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United Way Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry

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Campaign Ends Sept. 1, 2020
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The United Way/Centraide of S. D. & G. is proud to collaborate our efforts beyond our traditional member agencies and work with many agencies and non-profits in the area to find viable and affordable solutions to the growing needs in our community.  Together we will ensure that the needs of our entire community, particularly our most vulnerable, are being heard during this time of crisis.

The United Way/Centraide of S. D. & G. is inviting the community to make a difference during these very difficult times.  Please donate any amount to our Local Covid Relief Fund and help the United Way and the members of the Regional Emergency Response Council (SDGCA) assist the frontline workers, the tireless volunteers, and the amazing nonprofits who are fearlessly fighting for our community.

Your donation will make a difference in our community.

Every dollar given to our Local Covid Relief Fund will go to serve the people of our community.

Community needs are growing each day it is important that we move into action and support our community’s most vulnerable.  We need your dollars to do this! Please give generously.