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UOMI's mandate is to help people help themselves out of poverty! We do this through community development and micro-enterprise projects, working with Christian organizations in the field.

In 2014, the charity helped Worship Centre Church in Mfuwe, Zambia, build a grinding mill, which the church felt would provide a valuable service to people in the village; and as a micro-enterprise project, would create employment for local people while generating income for the church   

In 2016, UOMI agreed to lend money to the Worship Centre grinding mill to buy two extra machines. This would allow them to increase production and even package excess maize that they can sell to local lodges and other institutions. An added benefit, however, would be for the mill to run on solar, and so eliminate down times caused when there’s no electricity available.

Here’s some background to make the case for solar:

An estimated 5,000 people live in the area of Mfuwe, in eastern Zambia. A high percentage of the dwellings in this rural area are one-room homes without electricity. Water for residents comes from wells that are located at a distance of anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes from where they live or run a micro-business.

For the people living in larger cement block or brick homes, some will have electrical power provided by ZESCO, formerly Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. But the service is extremely unreliable. People there have come to accept the fact that three or five times a week, without any advance notice, they’ll be without power. This powerless-ness, due to ZESCO’s “load-shedding”, can last up to eight hours at a time. (see Lusaka Times story)

On Saturday Nov. 19, 2016, the electricity went off in the early afternoon. Not just Mfuwe, half of the entire country was affected! But it gets worse. Power remained off for more than five days, coming back on late Thursday night, Nov. 24. It was coming to the end of the dry season, leading up to the rainy season, and unbearably hot.

That experience confirmed the absurd reality that in a country with almost perpetual free sunshine, this power source has not been tapped, while people tolerate the withdrawal of electrical power, over which they have no defense.

For this reason, UOMI is committed to make solar power our next major project with Worship Centre. While it will fill the great need of dependable lighting source, it will also allow young men to receive skills training and become employed.



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"This is the work Jesus left for us to do.May the good Lord continue keeping you in good health even as you continue helping the needy. May the supply be more than your expectation. God richly bless you."

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"Brother Milton, this is true investment . I am a testimony and witness of this project please support UOMI."

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