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Our Mission

The mission of the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO) is to serve as a voice for Canadian composers and musicians of all cultural backgrounds…to act as a forum for the creation and performance of musical works that fuse and transcend cultural traditions. Through new creation, performance and educational outreach to both music professionals and the general public, the VICO strives to foster a new musical art form in which all of Canada’s resident cultures can take part.

In a country as diverse as Canada, forms of expression that cross cultural boundaries and encourage relationships between communities are the social building-blocks of the future.

The VICO is committed to:

1. Bringing new and existing intercultural music to broad audiences, locally, nationally, and internationally.

2. Educating the general public about intercultural music.

3. Educating musicians and composers in the new forms of intercultural music-making.

4. Employing all appropriate means to bring this new art form to the attention of professionals and the public, including radio, television, audio and video recordings, digital communications and website presence.


The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO) is unique in the scope and diversity of its undertakings: the orchestra’s core roster boasts 24 musicians, with a similar number of occasional members. Some are trained in the Western (European) classical tradition, while many others are internationally recognized performers in the musical traditions of cultures from all over the world - Asian, African, East Indian and Middle Eastern, among others. Audiences at a VICO concert can expect to hear violins and flutes swirling in harmony with the shakuhachi, the erhu and the sitar…Japanese taiko drums sharing the stage with Highland bagpipes…and much more.

We believe that VICO’s composers and musicians are on the cutting edge, writing and performing the Canadian music of the future. VICO strives to be a fresh and relevant voice in the contemporary music of our country...a creative force for innovation, diversity and understanding.

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