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As audience members, we forget the time and effort that goes into the production of a dance piece. It starts with an idea which opens a doorway to choreography, to the painstaking attention to detail applied to the bodies of dancers who are then subjected to seemingly endless hours of rehearsal.

Then we move into production, the effort to turn the whole theatre space into a vessel for a transformative artistic experience via lighting, sound and set design. Multiply this process by fourteen different shows, and we start to see the formation of a festival.

After the festival is programmed, there’s the art of marketing -- repeated invitations to audiences to get them into our venues to share in this amazing experience of creation.

Hours of work, buckets of sweat, go into raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for the artists, renting the venues, hiring the technicians, paying the promotional costs, creating a festival program, and handling administrative duties such as contracts, arranging transportation, accommodation, as well as picking up artists from the airport.

Behind the scenes are VIDF Co-producers, Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi, who believe so strongly in sharing their love of contemporary dance that they have worked without salaries for the past 18 years to bring the world’s most outstanding dancers to Vancouver.

The VIDF is one of the few festivals that supports marginalized dance. Dance that pushes boundaries, expands the frontiers of experimentation within the medium and expands artistic consciousness. It is a truly accessible festival, where ticket prices for world-class performances are kept affordable and where there are many performances where you do not even need a ticket.

However, keeping ticket prices affordable requires additional support and help from generous donors like yourself. The VIDF needs your help to cover the costs of the festival. Please help us to raise $50,000 to keep the VIDF alive and successful!