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Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festivals

Registered Name: Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festivals Society

Business Number: 810987412RR0001

An Appetite for Music

Campaign Ended May 31, 2019

Every spring for the last 96 years, wonderful sounds have been heard in our City. They are the sounds of music students both in private study and in community and school bands and choirs who enter the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festivals. They come to sing, or strike, or play, or strum, or pluck or bow a whole variety of instruments from woodwinds, brass, percussion, piano and strings to harp and classical guitar. Also heard are the sounds of adjudicators’ voices offering professional, constructive guidance and encouragement to these students, which are the reasons for entering our Festivals, and the benefit these students take away.

Over these 96 years we estimate close to 1,000,000 Vancouverites have been touched by our annual music festivals. Music students, their teachers and parents, the volunteers and countless audience members, have all benefited from exposure to our Festival’s unique platform for nurturing the study of music. Perhaps you have been one of them.

Monetary donations from the public are essential if we are to keep our Festivals running at the level of professionalism that has made us well respected locally, nationally and internationally as BC’s premier music festival.

Here are some examples of what your monetary gift could do to help our Festivals:

  • $100.00 will tune a piano or provide entry fees for a student who could not otherwise participate
  • $500.00 will cover the cost of one adjudicator for one day
  • $1000.00 will cover the cost of one day’s venue rent for the Jazz, choral or band festival

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