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Vancouver Native Health Society

Registered Name: Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society

Business Number: 130446933RR0001

Vancouver Native Health Society

Campaign Ended Oct. 13, 2019

The Vancouver Native Health Society has received a CBCT machine as a donation from a local dental specialty office. 

this machine is meant:

- to support our root canal program provided by root canal specialist from UBC

- to support poor working class with affordable 3D imagen and their needs for complicated extractions and or even implant placements. 

the story behind this project

- machine has been donated

- city hall provide some starting funding for the project

- a local renovation company offered the room renovation at cost

- DIY phase of preparing the office to support and running all the IT needs of the machine.

- we are in the last stage where the final 3D software and licensing are needed.  We are facing the need to purchase all these aspects.   We estimate a possible cost between 3K - 4k due to software and potential labor from the supplier.

This machine is one of its kind and it is mainly seeing in specialty office, it is a huge step forward that a "Native non-for profit / charity" has this technology.  This makes us the 1st in the province and probably in Canada. 


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