Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research


Business Number: 119286912RR0001

Vecova's Emergency Response Fund

In this difficult time, Vecova is doing everything we can to ensure some of our community’s most vulnerable continue to get the care and support they need.

While we have had to temporarily suspend many of our programs and services, Vecova continues to provide 24/7 accessible, safe and affordable housing supports for Calgarians with disabilities and complex medical needs. The individuals we support are some of our most vulnerable with compromised immune systems.

In order to ensure our consumers and employees have everything they need to remain safe and healthy during this pandemic, Vecova has created an Emergency Response Fund that will directly support the urgent needs facing our community. This includes:

  • Essential medical and cleaning supplies: Ensuring Vecova has essential supplies needed to properly and safely care for persons with disabilities. This includes items like hand sanitizer, face masks, gowns, wipes, cleaning supplies and other essentials.
  • Mental health supports for persons with disabilities: Ensuring persons with disabilities have virtual access to the support and resources they need to navigate this uncertain time.
  • Support for front line employees: Ensuring our employees have the support and resources they need to look after themselves and continue providing essential services to persons with disabilities in our community.
  • Remote working technology: Ensuring all employees are able to work remotely and still have access to the important programs, emails and files they need to continue working. This includes providing technology like laptops and accessories and access to software systems.