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Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society

Registered Name: Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society

Business Number: 814504650RR0001

Meals for Moms

Campaign Ended May 12, 2019

Rainbow Kitchen provides food to many people in our community. One demographic we are privileged to support is moms with young children. Through our own program and partnerships with other local charities, we are able to provide not only prepared meals, but also fresh food to anyone who walks through our doors or those of our partnering agencies. 

Meals for moms is a campaign to recognize that we are well aware of the challenges moms can face and are in full support of providing every resource at our disposal to ensure moms can not only live healthy lives, but have the resources available to them to ensure their kids grow up healthy as well. Moms are the inspiration to many of us and we are always proud to support families however we are able. 

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