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The Victoria-Taiama Partnership (formerly Victoria-Taiama School Project) , a registered charity in both Canada and Sierra Leone, has been striving since 2003 to provide the people of the Korie chiefdom in Sierra Leone with improved health, hope, empowerment and self-reliance. Poverty (51.7% live on less than US$1.25 per day), lack of access to health services (life expectancy is 45 years, highest maternal mortality rate in the world 1360/100,000, second highest infant mortality rate) and education ( 33% of girls attend secondary school) necessitates improvement of and access to local services within the Kori chiefdom.  Our strategic plans have involved the development of health, education and social services to support the NGO's and the local communities' vision.


Through our Health Education Centre we have provided the Taiama community with access to primary and maternal health care. We have registered 100% success with our first 200 births since opening in June 2016:0 maternal or infant deaths!We are excited about the possibility of extending pre and post natal programs and services to the four nearby villages (15 mile radius). To do so, we require:

  • increased staffing ( one community mid-wife/health education worker) ($5,000)
  • transportation to villages for health professionals ( motorbike and fuel)$3500
  • supplies and equipment $1,500

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