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Vic One is an award winning program and the first of the foundational One programs at the University of Toronto. It provides a distinctive academic experience for 1st year students designed to highlight the meaningful dialogue that can take place in a multi-disciplinary small classroom setting (maximum of 25 students).

Students can apply to 1 to 8 academic streams that will form the foundation of their 1st year experience. Each Vic One stream offers a unique perspective through the exploration of the inter-connectivity between disciplines with a focus on a central theme. The program is further enhanced by our weekly guest lecture series where students have the opportunity to directly interact with top minds in a variety of areas of expertise.

Vic One Streams of Study

1. Commerce, Leadership, Economics, and Policy - Margaret Chambers: Students have the opportunity to study the foundations and applications of business and leadership in an interdisciplinary context.

2. Literature and the Humanities - Northrop Frye: Students explore the methods and concerns of different disciplines and are introduced to a wide range of thought in the humanities and the arts.

3. Philosophy and ethical citizenship - Paul Gooch: Students explore the age-old quest for truth, goodness, and justice, and are given the opportunity for intensive study and discussion of beliefs and values - how they originate, change, and interact in today's globalized world of cultures, religions and identities.

4. Creative Arts and Society - Norman Jewison: Students study how the arts play and integral role in both individual and social life. Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of media, including photography, journalism, poetry, music, and film.

5. History, Politics, and the Social Sciences - Lester B. Pearson: Students learn about the individuals and events that have shaped public service and citizenship, and also explore how history is written, and how cultural, religious, scientific, and other significant factors have shaped a particular period in time.

6. Education and Society - Egerton Tyerson: Students have the opportunity to think about education, the forms and practices it takes, and its role and importance in society.

7. Physical and Mathematical Sciences - Arthur Schawlow: the stream provides a strong foundation for those wishing to pursue studies in the Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and invites students to explore the nature of the physical sciences, and engaging topics in the field.

8. Life Sciences - Augusta Stowe-Gullen: Students explore the ethical, social and political consequences of scientific advancement, and are inspired to think creatively and critically about scientific reasoning, methods and theories.

Why your donation towards student success is needed:

Scholarships and bursaries offer tangible support to Vic students. The recognition afforded by an award is often a determining factor in the decision of students to attend the University of Toronto as members of this College. At critical times, financial assistance makes it possible for some students to continue their studies.

Victoria believes strongly that the recognition of academic accomplishment is also a significant encouragement for students to perform well; and just as strongly that none of its students in good standing should be unable to complete a program because of financial constraints. Given the high level of achievement among our students, the opportunity - and indeed the responsibility - to create new awards is clearly one of our highest priorities. We invite enquiries from our friends and graduates about establishing through donations and bequests the lasting memorial of an award at Victoria College.

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