Visitation Parish


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Our Faith, Our Community, Our Future

Campaign Ends Sept. 1, 2020

Our Challenge

Over the last few years, Visitation Parish has experienced financial challenges in meeting its responsibilities for mortgage interest and principal repayments.  Offertory envelope distribution and usage has declined by 25% over the last five years - a decline of $51,000 annually.  The outstanding mortgage principal is $2.6 million.  This current financial situation is not sustainable and impacts the services, support and outreach we are able to provide the community.

Our Strategy

We believe in the strength of our mission and our community that gathers and celebrates together.  We are asking each member of our parish, and all those who believe in the value of our community to actively engage in making meaningful contributions.  Not everyone can contribute at the same level, but we all need to invest in the future of our Church.

Our hope, is that every member will contribute at least $26 per week over 3 years to the campaign. ($4,000 total)  It is only through the collective efforts and engagement that we can ensure that Visitation Parish can continue to be a strong, faith-based community.

Please, with the help of the Holy Spirit, consider a gift that reflects your financial capacity.


For more information please contact Rachelle Moison at the Parish Office 519-687-3118 x300 or

$492,897 raised out of $2,000,000 goal

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