Waldorf Education Society of Edmonton

Registered Name: Waldorf Education Society of Edmonton

Business Number: 854935087RR0001

Elevate WISE

Campaign Ends June 30, 2022

Educating Head, Heart and Hands, so that together, we learn to change the world.

A three year campaign to build a two-storey 6 classroom addition onto the front of our school:

What is the Goal? Raise monthly donations to enable us to finance the build our new two-storey 6 Classroom addition on the front of our building.
How much? In order to build this new development, we are planning to raise $24,000/per month in small monthly donations.
1st year, 2019-20- Our goal is to get to $12,000 per month in small donations
2nd year, 2020-21- To raise an additional $12,000 per month for a total of $24,000 per month.
Can we do this? Yes! With a mixture of small and medium pledges. As of September 2019, Elevate WISE receives between $2,000-$3,000/month in small pledges ranging from $10-$100 per month.
How can I help? Connect us with people in your life who would love our school. Send them to Tours and events, or show them how they can get involved!
Let's bring together...
50 people who can donate $10/monthly = $500
50 people who can donate $20/monthly = $1,000
50 people who can donate $50/monthly = $2,500
40 people who can donate $75/monthly = $3,000
40 people who can donate $100/monthly = $4,000
35 people who can donate $150/monthly = $5,250
15 people who can donate $200/monthly = $3,000
10 people who can donate $500/monthly = $5,000
Total: $24,000/monthly, our build financing goal
1 year, 10 months to go