Gabriele Craig Art Fundraiser


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I am raising money for War Child through my passion, art!

50% from the sale of my paintings featured on my website will be donated to War Child programming. You can also choose to donate to War Child below.

Why is War Child my choice of charity?

Of all the unfortunate things that happen to us in a lifetime we deem unfair, it is the child, the children of wars happening anywhere in the world that are experiencing the most unjust treatment. It is the children who for no fault of their own are left to deal with the aftermaths of what adults created. Not only the destruction around them, but the emotional destruction of human life’s.

I only recall how I felt growing up in Germany after World War II when the droning of American tanks in the distance, eventually seen rolling down our street, made me feel a feeling I have never forgotten.

My work as Art therapist has further confronted me with the results of inhumanity that children are exposed to and experience for no fault of their own. The trauma experienced in childhood is what the then adult is spending a lifetime to come to terms with. Today in our secure life in Toronto, a roof over our heads, with food on the table and a warm bed to sleep in, can we actually fathom what it feels like to be without all this, not just for a day,but weeks and months and years.

Hence, please join me in making a small contribution to making those children’s life just ever so little better than what their experiences have been. You will walk away with your reward of something you may treasure, have on your wall to enjoy, knowing you have helped someone else.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Gabriele Craig