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Water First

Registered Name: Water First Education and Training Inc. / L'Eau d'Abord Éducation et Formation I

Business Number: 838525269RR0001

Invest in the next generation of water keepers

Campaign Ended April 22, 2019

Restoring waterways to improve community health

Restoring riverbanks and fish habitats, along with water quality testing, has a positive impact on the health of a community.

Improved ecosystems can support food security by creating more areas for fish spawning. Water quality testing helps communities know their risk of exposure to contaminants in fish harvested for food. Restoration can also reduce the impact of climate change - providing higher quality drinking water the community.

Water First’s restoration projects aim to reduce erosion and runoff, improve water quality, and increase fish spawning habitat. Our water quality studies provide communities with information about their potential exposure to contaminants. The studies also provide a baseline to track the effects of industrial activities on their traditional territories.

Inspiring community stewardship

In the coming year, Water First is redesigning our program to expand our work. This means a greater focus on working with First Nations communities to understand their concerns and priorities for environmental projects.

Involving community members in every step of the project from design, to execution, to evaluation, develops a strong sense of community stewardship for natural resources.

Stewardship also comes from strong connections within the community. Our environmental projects foster intergenerational learning between Elders, young adults and school children to integrate traditional knowledge with western science in the water and on the land.  

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  • $5/month contributes to restoring the health of a First Nation’s watershed;
  • $10/month purchases supplies used by interns in the field to restore fish habitats.
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