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Safe Water Needs Skilled People

Registered Name: Water First Education and Training Inc. / L'Eau d'Abord Éducation et Formation Inc.

Business No: 838525269RR0001

Safe Water Needs Skilled People

Sustainable access to safe, clean water in Indigenous communities continues to be a critical issue in Canada.

The challenges are complex and layered; communities may face issues relating to infrastructure, source water quality or having enough people to manage water systems – or more than one of these issues at a time.

Water First partners with Indigenous communities that have identified education and training as part of the solution to the water crisis. Our programs support participants in developing technical skills to go on to employment or further education in water science fields. They build confidence in themselves and a passion for making positive change in their communities.

Our programs also support Indigenous communities in strengthening capacity to manage and protect water resources for generations to come.

Join us in celebrating the Indigenous youth and young adults in the water science field, whether they are training for or have already started their careers.

Every day, people contribute their unique skills, knowledge and passion for providing safe, clean water. Each person’s contribution is important. Education and training are critical to helping people and communities build skills and capacity to address water challenges. Because safe water needs skilled people.

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