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COVID-19 Philippines Relief Fund

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

*100% of donation amount received by Well of Life Canada COVID-19 Philippines Relief Fund, will go directly to Philippine communities!

Many families in the Philippines are affected by the recent COVID-19 global pandemic. Most families live off day to day pay doing jobs like selling items, driving passengers, planting vegetables and other daily occupations in construction etc. Due to the current lockdown situation many people are unable to work and are not able to buy food for their families.

The government is trying to deliver some food but it is not enough and many are without. Children are very hungry, bored and sad and their parents are helpless to provide because they cannot work. There is no government financial relief to reach the 100 million Filipinos.

Well of Life teams have been giving a little bit of food to the families in the community. The people are sincerely grateful with a thankful and happy heart for all who care to help them. We have such an abundance in Canada and I appeal to you to display your generosity to nourish a starving family today.

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