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Wequedong Lodge Expansion


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Wequedong Lodge Expansion

Wequedong Lodge can accommodate 110 people per night in our current facility; however, due to increasing demand, we have been accommodating an additional 300 people per night, who are placed into local hotels.  This is not ideal. It is very costly and not all hotels offer security, nor can they create a safe and culturally appropriate space conducive to healing. 

There is an immediate need to expand our facility to provide safe and secure accommodations, three healthy meals per day, transportation to and from the airport, the hospital, pharmacies, and other medical facilities in Thunder Bay.

The cost of the expansion and improvements to the current building are quoted at $45 million dollars.

We have been advised that we must fundraise for the down payment for this expansion before receiving the funding for this important project.

Please help us reach our goal of raising $250,000.00 by September 30th and One Million Dollars by June 30th of 2024.  

If we can raise this amount sooner, we can secure funding, and start to break ground earlier.