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$101K for the 101 - WDM Moose Jaw

Campaign Ended March 31, 2018

The Short Line 101 has been chugging along the tracks since 1978, providing a unique experience at the WDM Moose Jaw. Even with routine maintenance and annual inspections, the track needs repairs so visitors can enjoy rides for many years to come. 

The $101K for the 101 Campaign needs your help to get ‘back on track’. Funds raised will allow us to build a proper roadbed to support the track and to re-engineer it so the way the train runs is smooth. We’ll repair rail, replace ties and fix switches. We will also build a shelter for the Vulcan locomotive, spruce up the route with landscaping and grow our training program, so people can learn how to be steam locomotive engineers.

$862 raised out of $101,000 goal

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