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Westpark School

Registered Name: WESTPARK SCHOOL

Business Number: 129922597RR0001

Gym Floor Project - Laying the floor for the next 30 years of Westpark Students

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

It's just a floor... or is it? 

After 30 years of faithful service, it was time to retire (and replace) the original gym floor!  Over the summer the old floor was ripped out and a high quality, high performance, acoustically enhanced athletic floor was installed.  The looks on the faces of the students as they came in the first day were priceless.  What they saw was value.  Their value!  Our students are worth providing a top notch floor for and their school is worth their efforts.  Whether in gym class, school sports, band concerts, chapels, grads, the atmosphere has been set to invite students to achieve their potential.  The bar is raised and students are setup to scale to new heights!

Thank you for joining with your fellow Westpark family to invest in the lives of our current and future students by donating.  Know that your donation makes a difference in the lives of each student - today, tomorrow, and 30 years from now!  

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