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Help Save the Puppies

Campaign Ended July 31, 2018

The Humane Society recently took in 7 lab puppies suffering from a deadly disease called parvovirus.  Saving them requires them to be kept in isolation and treated at a veterinary hospital, which is very expensive.  Parvo can be deadly to young puppies, even with treatment, but we knew when we saw their sweet, innocent faces that we had to try.  Can you help us save them?

Update - Since the campaign was posted, three more puppies from the same litter have come into our care, also suffering from parvo.  This means our costs will be even higher, so reaching our goal is even more critical. Thank you for your support.

Update 2 - We've met our goal! And THANK YOU so much for that!  Some of the puppies are recovering more quickly than others, but all of them are hanging in there and fighting for their lives.  We also have to thank the clinics who are taking care of and treating them, because caring for puppies with parvo is dirty and hard work. But we're still fundraising, because unbelievably, 8 more puppies with parvo have now been surrendered to us.  As far as we know, this litter is not connected to the previous one.  But another entire litter of pups is has contracted this horrible disease, and their breeder was unable to care for them so surrendered them to the Humane Society.  So please consider giving, and helping us continue to care for all these sick babies.

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