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Wings of Providence Society

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

WINGS Has Never Needed Your Help More

In the midst of COVID-19, the staff are doing everything they can to protect the health and safety of WINGS families. WINGS provides safe, long-term housing and counseling support to women and children who have escaped abuse. All of the families are vulnerable and experiencing intense grief, poverty, and isolation. It is our number one priority to protect their health and safety. Therefore, we have established and implemented comprehensive protocols for the families and staff to help keep WINGS coronavirus-free and foster an environment focused on prevention and stopping the spread of germs. The staff are working hard to provide as much support as they can during this time, and to ensure that the residents are provided with the necessities they need while following Covid-19 health protocols.

As we navigate through this unprecedented situation, we rely on the community for support. Financial donations will allow WINGS to continue to provide educational supplies, cleaning, hygiene, and medical supplies, food, counseling and outreach support, staffing, and operations (our facilities need to remain open and utilities paid), as well as any other supports as needs arise during this uncertain time.

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