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Let's take care of those who need it most.

People experiencing poverty and homelessness are extremely vulnerable to this virus. Now more than ever, the health and safety of women who visit WISH – whose lives are already difficult - is paramount.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we need to recognize that the women that WISH serves are among the most vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Lack of proper nutrition, compromised immune system, and chronic health conditions make them not only more susceptible to developing COVID-19, but at greater risk if they do contract it.

We are committed to keeping the WISH Drop-In Centre open.

Many of the women who rely on WISH have limited access to clean facilities and don’t have opportunities to wash their hands numerous times a day. Maintaining good hygiene and social distancing is difficult when don’t have a home or live in a crowded space with no cooking facilities, and if you have to line up in groups to use bathrooms and get your meals.

Please help WISH continue to provide meals, shower and hygiene facilities to women involved in Vancouver’s street-based sex trade.