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Wild Canid Coexistence Project - Bounties Be GONE!

Wolf Awareness Inc

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Although bounty killing programs are known to be an ineffective management practice, they are maintained by some municipalities in Alberta, Canada as an attempt to reduce livestock depredation by wolves and coyotes. Over the past 5 years more than 1,400 wolves and 25,000 coyotes have been killed by bounty hunters in AB, who are rewarded with a payment. This is ecologically and ethically unacceptable 

Wolves and coyotes play important ecological roles in wildlife communities; share strong social bonds with their families; and like all species, have immense inherent worth.  Many of the wild canids killed for bounty never encountered livestock and likely never would have.   The persistence of bounties in rural regions is largely based on perceptions rather than facts.  We are setting out to gather the facts.

Wolf Awareness is proud to partner in a project developed by Alpha Wildlife Research & Management to study wolf and coyote seasonal food habits in counties with bounties, and in counties without bounties.  Along with the research, which will all be non-invasive to wildlife, we are proud to collaborate with  Coyote Watch Canada and "Certified Predator Friendly" Louise Liebenberg (Grazerie Farms) to educate farmers, the public and the scientific community about non-lethal measures that can be taken to minimize livestock depredation and promote coexistence.  

Our priority is providing accurate data on what wolves and coyotes are eating in bounty areas, and helping people to learn about responsible methods of conflict prevention instead of practicing reactionary and ineffective killing  programs.  This is a very important project, and we need funding to initiate it this spring.