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Emergency Fund due to Covid-19

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

The measures we had to adapt due to COVID-19 and the new norm of interacting with people have changed our habits, but not who we are.

Women’s Habitat continues to offer services to the women and children who are survivors of abuse and violence. We are committed to help reduce the spread of the virus amongst our participants, staff, volunteers and community.

Although the direct service programs at our Outreach centre have been suspended temporarily, we continue to support the women and children that need our help. Self-isolation practises and the changes in most services in the community are affecting survivors of abuse and we have seen an increase in request for services.

Our Outreach staff are working remotely providing services and individual counselling by phone and staying in touch with our clients. We are providing tools, information and support so our clients stay safe and have options in case of emergency situations.

Our shelter is open and continues to operate 24/7 with all the services including the crisis line. Our staff remains committed to provide programs and supports for the families that are living with us.

As you can imagine this period has brought new challenges. In response to these difficult times, we have set up an Emergency Fund especially to address the unique and specific needs experienced by the women and children we serve.

Your donation to the Emergency Fund will support immediate necessities such as food, diapers, baby formula, special cleaning / sanitation expenses, program supplies for children/youth activities as well as financial support for rent/housing expenses.

During this period, we are anticipating clients may unfortunately experience either the loss of housing and/or the need for first and last month’s rent and resources for fighting unjust evictions.

With no end to these extra expenses and precautionary measures in sight, we need your help to face the challenges we are currently experiencing. It is critical that we continue to provide essential services and resources to the women and children fleeing violence especially during this difficult period of isolation that poses an increased threat to their safety. The need for refuge and advocacy is more vital than ever before.

The cornerstone of our agency is strong community support and partnership. During a time where we are being asked to distance ourselves from others, contributing to this Emergency Fund is a way to give hope and sends the message that our community cares and no one stands alone.

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. We strive to uphold normalcy in unsettling times, continuing to do our best for all of us, our loved ones and our community.

Thank you so much for your generosity and hope you stay safe.

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